You will be aware from earlier posts that Leeds City Council are now consulting on the changes they have made to their site allocation plan.  These are worth having a look at to consider if you think the sites they propose for housing are now suitable,  or,  if you still think the plan is ‘unsound’.  Your responses to this question will go straight to the Inspector who will be appointed to look at the plan and pass it – or not.

BUT you need to do this by 5pm on 27 March 2017. 

To make this process easier for people, we have consulted with a variety of local residents about the changes, and they have come up with a list of points for each change that they would like the Inspector consider.   We have then written this into one document containing all the sites in the Aireborough Neighbourhood Plan Area: you can then look through this more easily to see what you would like to comment on yourself.   At the end of the document is a template letter/email you can use for your own response, or you can use the Leeds Online form.

You will find the report here,  we hope you find it useful.  If we could make it any easier we would !!    Any questions email us on

You will find all the Leeds consultation documents here, together with their online form – should you wish to use that.

Sites in Rawdon and Horsforth

If you want to look at the changes to the Housing Site off Knott Lane in Rawdon,  you’ll find it here.

And the change to Strawberry Fields on the A65 at Horsforth Roundabout is here.