Further to our previous post regarding the minor changes to the Aireborough Site Allocations, Leeds City Council has provided clarifications as to what the changes mean as follows:

HG2-2, HG2-10, HG3-1, HG2-4 – As part of a checking exercise, the Green Belt assessments for these sites have been reviewed and revised where necessary to ensure consistency of approach. There is no change in terms of the allocations as a result of the change to the assessment.

HG2-4 – Following a representation by the Coal Authority to the 2015 SAP consultation, an additional criteria has been added to the sustainability appraisal of sites to identify where sites may be subject to land instability due to former mine workings. A general commentary has been added to the text in the SAP document to explain that some sites may be subject to land instability and that any problems of coal mining legacy must be addressed to ensure that the development is safe.  This would be a consideration as part of the planning application process.

HG2-6 – The greenspace site requirement was revised to allow more flexibility in the type of greenspace provided on site. Previously the site requirement  stated “On site laying out of half the site for allotments required.  Layout and management to be agreed with the Council.”  The wording has been revised to “..allotments and / or an alternative greenspace…”.  As previously, it remains the objective that half of the site should be retained in greenspace use (whether allotments and / or an alternative greenspace use).  The mechanism for addressing the delivery of the site in terms of owners agreement would be a requirement of the land assembly/planning application process.

Hopefully the above will answer some of the questions put to us at our last meeting.