12105687_1135433109802156_6925488159633061651_nThis week’s Forum Pop-Up Events, to help explain the Leeds Site Allocation Plan, and how you can make a response will be as follows.

Sunday 11th October 2015, 10.30 – 11.30am St Oswald’s, Guiseley, after family service in the church.  Also the Aireborough Essence Exhibition of Photography by Darren Sanderson

Monday 12th October 2015, from 9am to lunchtime,  Morrisons Yeadon

Tuesday 13th October 2015, from 9am to lunchtime,  Morrisons Yeadon

Local Giving.

To help fund these pop-up events eg materials, photocopying, reply paid envelopes, we are asking people if they would like to donate to our fund on Local Giving, the charity for community groups.  From 10am on Tuesday 13th October, anyone who donates £10 or less on-line,  will have that donation doubled by the charity.    You will find our account on, search for Aireborough Neighbourhood Development Forum.GYT-Slide

Local Giving say

Grow Your Tenner 2015 launches on 13th October

From Tuesday the 13th October at 10am, we’ll be matching one-time donations pound-for-pound up to £10, and monthly donations up to £10 per month for 3 months*. All charities with active Localgiving memberships are eligible to receive up to a maximum of £10,000 of match funding and the campaign will run across the whole of the UK.

With Gift Aid, a one-time donation of £10 made through during Grow Your Tenner will generate £21.67** , so make sure you spread the word and start growing those tenners!

Guidance documetnsOther Event Funding

Any costs for event locations is being funded by local councillors –  both Morrisons and St Oswalds have been at no cost.   Leeds City Council have also provided us with a map, and their report documents (which would otherwise cost £80); however,  we only have a limited supply of paper response forms that they supply (they prefer people to respond on-line)  so need to print more, as many people are not on-line, or like a paper copy to look at and make notes, before they respond on line.

In addition,   Leeds City Council will not print any document they do not ‘consider to be in their interests’,  which includes our Guidance Notes on how to find your way through their documents, and how to respond.

You will find our site allocation response guidance notes here

Our site allocation consultation guidance website is here