Test of Soundness – What does that mean. How can you use it?

soundnessThe Leeds Site Allocation Plan Hearing will be about the Planning Inspector examining the plan for what is known in planning as SOUNDNESS.   There are four tests for soundness

  1. Has the plan been positively prepared based on objectively assessed needs of an area
  2. Does the evidence that has been gathered from reports, and statistics  justify the plan, is it the best alternative of the ones looked at, and have local people been involved
  3. Is the plan effective, can it be delivered in the timescale of the plan, given all the collaboration needed
  4. Is the plan consistent with the NPPF and national policy

A plan submitted to the Inspector is deemed to be sound.  It is up to people who think it is not, to challenge the plan on the tests of soundness, and give their evidence for that.   That is why when you respond to the Leeds Site Allocation Consultation, it is better to say on what test of soundness you are challenging the plan.   You do not have to do this,  but it is helpful to the Inspector.

Remember you can respond to the consultation in anyway you choose, email, writing or the Leeds on-line form.

The Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum has prepared a short paper on Soundness,  you will find a pdf here  and some questions to guide you.  You may well find your response ticks a number of these boxes.