Mr Smith you can make your representation to Leeds in any form you wish.

Back-stitch-step-5A large number of people at the Drop-In session on Wednesday were concerned that they had no on-line access or ability to complete Leeds  On-Line Site Allocation Response Form.  Therefore, one of the ANDF members has consulted the Planning Inspectorate themselves.

The Inspectorate basically say;  you can choose to write, email, or fill in the on-line form.  It is YOUR choice.  The direct quote is Mr Smith you can make your representations in any form that you wish. You do not need to send in comments on the response form if you don’t wish to,– so long as you make your representations in time, they can be made in any format that you wish to use.

So,  we asked if people making a response could write any comments they like or do they have to phrase them in the way requested on the form, ie does the respondent have to decide if their comment is about soundness or legality? If it is about soundness does the respondent have to decide if it is about being 1. Positively prepared, 2. Justified, 3. Effective, 4. Consistency with National Policy or can they just write their comments and Leeds has to decide the category for themselves? Parchment1

The answer from the Planning Inspectorate was

As to their content – it will greatly assist the examining Inspector if you can categorise the representations according to the tests of soundness – a Local Authority can do the categorisation themselves if they wish but the danger  is that they may misconstrue the respondents meaning, so all in all it is better if the respondent makes the decision, and classifies comments under the relevant heading. “

So, there you have it.  Write in whatever way you wish,  in blood, on the back of a ‘fag packet’, or embroider it on a Bayeux Tapestry,  but please classify your comment yourself under the categories of soundness or legality given on the response form and guidance notes,  otherwise Leeds may put it in the wrong ‘box’. 

If you want a pdf download of the response form for refence and the guidance notes you will find them on this link.