Do you know the Aireborough housing development sites? Tell us about them

20150503_114140The Aireborough Neighbourhood Development Forum is currently co-ordinating research on each of the local sites being proposed for development.

We are looking at flora, wildlife and ecology, landscape character, use and history, local conditions for traffic, air pollution, and flooding, access to facilities, services and infrastructure, demographics on lifestage, travel to work and skills, house prices, density and design. And most of all whether the site fulfills the 5 purposes of green belt.

The information is being put into site reports by people who know each site well as they live locally, and a range of people with different skills, local and specialist knowledge and talents are stepping forward to help.

You may be able to identify plants, have knowledge of drainage systems, know how to model traffic movements, or just know a lot about who lives in an area or its land use. If you can help get in touch And we’ll link you to the group co-ordinator working on each site report as follows. Every little helps to create a better picture and all information is useful.

Coppice Wood/Banksfield Yeadon

Wills Gill Action Group

Menston & Guiseley Greenbelt Protection Group (Ings)

Hollins Hill, Guiseley

Silverdale Action Group

Low Mills

Nether Yeadon Conservation Group

Rawdon Greenbelt Action Group