How Can Aireborough Use The Power of Neighbourhood Planning

Presentation1A useful and readable document on the power of neighbourhood planning:  what others have done and what Aireborough could do.   This is particularly relevant, given the number of people who want to see the area address the issues of overdevelopment such as parking, schools and infrastructure.

It also emphasises what we can do to be innovative and improve eg employment, facilities and green space.

It includes policies that deal with:
• choosing where new housing should go
• protecting the high street
• choosing where new industry or employment goes
• protecting green spaces.

In the Spring of 2015,  Leeds will be bringing out its site allocations recommendations for our 2,300 housing target for consultation.  The Aireborough Neighbourhood Development Forum is currently preparing for this consultation,  and will be calling on a variety of people across the area to get involved with supplying the relevant input and evidence to the neighbourhood planning process.

Watson Batty are currently creating a masterplan from current evidence produced by different topic groups, we are compiling lists of people to help in such tasks as a green space audit, and we are planning the Aireborough Festival in February to generate fertile ground for the discussion on what the neighborhood plan needs to have in it.

In readiness for this,  please spread the word with friends, family and neighbours about the Forum and the neighbourhood plan.

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