Guiseley Town Council Consultation

Guiseley stocks 004Leeds City Council have started a public consultation on a town council for Guiseley. This is a result of a petition signed by 1,179 of the 11,000 electors  in the area and supervised by the Guiseley and Rawdon Labour Party.

The consultation will run for five weeks from 24th October to 28th November 2014.  The plan is to elect Town Councillors next May 2015.

LCC says that all electors will be consulted on the proposal and their views will be taken into account as part of the review.  However, the consultation appears to consist of a few notices in local papers and libraries – so it is not very comprehensive  and we feel the issue needs to be brought to more people’s attention for comment !   Guiseley and Rawdon Ward Councillors had asked for a referendum on the issues but this request was refused by Leeds City Council

The petitioners put forward that the needs of the different communities would be best served by creating a separate Town Council for the area of Guiseley.

To remind yourself of the difference between a town council and a neighbourhood forum read HERE

When the Aireborough Neighbouhood Development Forum has previously looked at the issue of governance in the area, common issues eg traffic congestion, and the use of services eg schools, doctors has always suggested that Aireborough as a whole (Guiseley, Yeadon, High Royds and Hawksworth) should be the unit for a Council that really wants to make a difference to the area.  The proposed area for a Guiseley Town Council, takes in both the separate areas of Hawksworth and High Royds, and puts areas like New Scarborough and Nunroyd Park under a seperate proposed council area of Yeadon.

In addition,  it has to be remembered that a Council charges a precept each year on top of council tax, and any annual  maintenance payments paid by many of the people on the new estates built in the last 10 years.

Finally, we will point out, that with regards development in Aireborough, the Neighbourhood Forum is already designated to do the Neighbourhood Development Plan, and that work is currently underway.  The Aireborough Forum is also representing the area at a number of development forums, and with the National Government.   So, residents need to let Leeds know what it is they would like a Town Council to do.

If you would like to give your views on the creation of a Guiseley Council please send these to:

Susanna Benton
Electoral Services Manager
0113 2476727
Electoral Services
Level 2, Town Hall
The Headrow
Leeds LS1 3AD

include your full name and contact details.

A map of the Town Council area can be found HERE along with more information of the process.