Change Of Name


You may have noticed that  the name on the website has changed from Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum to Aireborough Neighbourhood Development Forum.

A number of members had suggested that we should change our name. The main reason being that “Forum” gave out the wrong impression of what we are about, that it seemed more to do with talking than doing.  Others felt we should keep the name and build on its reputation.

As a potential name change was  popular following the AGM, we looked at what other Neighbourhood Forums around the country had called themselves, consulted with the Department of Communities and Local Government, and  pulled together new name suggestions from the membership.  These were then discussed and voted on at the last Forum Management Board Meeting.

It was important that we settle the name as quickly as possible in order to open bank accounts, sort out email addresses and generally apply for funding.

Legally it doesn’t matter what our name is, as we are the designated Neighbourhood Forum body under the Localism Act,  for the area.  Neighbourhood Forums are a new idea, specifically designed to pull a range of local people together to ‘help shape the place they live’; there are a growing number of Forums around the country at the forefront of creating greater civic engagement, and participatory democracy.   Forums have been described as ‘a  thinking man’s alternative to a Parish Council, although the roles of the two bodies are not exactly the same.