Guiseley Primary School ‘Consultation’ – Thur 3rd July, 2.30pm -5.30pm. Updated

20140402_093136Leeds City Council, in discussions with school governors,  have decided to press ahead with their 2013 proposal,  for both Guiseley Infants and Guiseley St Oswalds’  to become two full primary schools, with two forms of entry each: despite all the community protests and previous consultations.   This will mean new buildings at  each school .   A ‘consultation’ of the St Oswalds’ proposals will be on show, tomorrow, 3rd July, 2.30pm – 5.30pm at St Oswalds School,  with LCC people in attendance.

The proposal for a school on the Bradford Road site is now on the ‘back burner’, as it is unlikely that with Leeds’ new housing target for Aireborough,  that the current 2 primary solution for Guiseley will be enough to accommodate even more children in Aireborough and Menston in the coming years.

As good school design is crucial for a good education,  we thought it was important that if this is Leeds’ solution to our current primary schoold crisis, that the design of the new building is right.  Therefore, for anyone attending tomorrow,  or who wants to comment,  here is the result of the research done by Design Council CABE on the design of good school buildings.