Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum Constitution Published

Airborough Neighbourhood PlanThe purpose of the Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum is to support the regeneration and sustainable development of the Aireborough Neighbourhood Area.    Our constitution is now published, and is in keeping with the principles of the Freiburg Charter for sustainable urbanism.  It is also in keeping with the constitution for Pennine Prospects, as Aireborough is part of the South Pennines Natural England Designated Area.

The constitution has been designed to fit in with the legislation for a designated , Neighbourhood Forum for neighbourhood planning ie it has to have 21 members, who live work and do business in an area; but the ANF will also be free to take on other activity to achieve the purpose eg it might want to designate as a Local Nature Partnership.

A central objective of the Forum is to facilitate collaboration between local stakeholders,  and to that end, we have taken care to be as open and democratic as possible.  We can see that ‘Localism’ is about people getting involved, in whatever way they can, in increasing local well-being and participatory democracy, and we are aiming to create a body that can help that to happen in ‘Aireborough’.

As time passes, and we get more experienced, the constitution will no doubt evolve.  We are already starting to think about how we become a Community Interest Company, or Company Limited by Guarantee, in order to raise the funding that will be needed.

If you would like to support the ANF’s purpose and objectives then a membership form is here (Membership Form) .

A map of the area the ANF covers is here.  (Map of Area)

Examples of the work we have undertaken on behalf of Aireborough are given in the history of the ANF here (scroll down to under the objectives).

The next step is for the Forum to officially seek designation for Neighbourhood Planning with Leeds City Council.