ANF Steering Committee Now Set Up

Hawksworth Cairn

Hawksworth Cairn

The first ANF Steering Committee met to discuss the way forward for the organization in December 2013.   Members cover a range of local community organizations, professional skills and interests.  They are

Ian Dawes – Chair InGuiseley, Owner Subway

Alec Denton – Chair Rawdon Allotments , St Peter & Paul Yeadon, Guiseley

Cllr Ryk Downes – Otley and Yeadon Ward

Francesca Entwistle – Tranmere Park PTA, High Royds

Jonathan Hart Woods – Friends of Engine Fields, Yeadon

Steve Howarth – Trustee, Community Links, Guiseley

David Ingham – Rawdon Parish Council, Chair WARD

Jennifer Kirkby – Vice-Chair Friends of Parkinson’s Park, Guiseley.

Lynda Kitching – Chair Leeds Civic Trust, Guiseley

Frank La Corte – International Telecomms Expert, Guiseley

Cllr Graham Latty – Guiseley and Rawdon Ward

Christine Schofield – Chair Yeadon Banks, Yeadon

Alexia Smethurst – Commercial Sales, Yeadon

Robert Turner – Local Government Infrastructure, Guiseley

Richard Webster – Teacher, Guiseley

Nigel Wilson – Chair Nether Yeadon Conservation, Yeadon

Clive Woods – Chair Aireborough Civic Society, Yeadon

It was agreed the first task was to prepare the Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum constitution, and apply to designate both the area and the Forum for Neighbourhood Planning.   The Forum is also liasing with David Bowe a member of the Forum, who is petitioning for a Guiseley Town Council.   A Town Council petition triggers a community governance review by Leeds City Council;  that review would consult with local people about what they wanted regarding representative bodies and their funding: a Town Council would levy a precept on every household, as Rawdon Parish Council does.

There is a lot to think, consider and consult about regarding governance, and that takes time.  There is also the issue of whether the governance review area should be Guiseley or Aireborough.  Meanwhile, the area needs to get on with key tasks such as neighbourhood planning.  The ANF steering committee  agreed to start look at ways in could set up its constitution in order to attract inward investment to the area