ANF On-Line Questionnaire – Future Housing Development

questionnaireAll households in Aireborough are in the process of receiving a questionnaire from the ANF  ( supported by all local Councillors in  both wards),  on future housing developments in the area; to ensure everyone knows what is being planned and has a chance to have a say.    This questionnaire can be filled in and sent back to the ANF Freepost (via Rawdon Parish Council who have a Freepost address),  or,  we have put a version of the questionnaire on line (see below)  so you can fill it in electronically and return it to   Returns need to be back by the 15th July 2013.

The information will be used as input to the ANF’s submission to Leeds City Council’s community consultation on site allocations for housing, retail, employment and green space which ends on 29th July 2013.   It will also be used to help direct the emerging Aireborough Neighbourhood Plan.  In addition,  Leeds City Council also has an online consultation form,  and we would encourage people to also complete that.

√  Click here for the ANF questionnaire on future housing development to help with the Neighbourhood Plan  (This will dowload in word 2007; open the document, scroll down to the second page of 6 questions, complete the form by clicking on the appropriate place, save, and then email to

Click here for the map of Aireborough with housing site allocations

Click here for all the Leeds documents on site allocations which includes in volume 2 more descriptions of the sites.

Click here for the Leeds City Council on line consultation form, which should also be completed

Please do remember to send the ANF questionnaire back by the 15th July 2013,  And your Leeds City Council consultation form back by 29th July 2013.

Note:  Rawdon Parish Council, is also sending a similar questionnaire out to everyone in Rawdon, thre is an online version here for local people, including those in the whole of Aireborough, to complete.    The ANF and RPC are working together on many aspects of neighbourhood planning as the same issues affect the whole of the Aireborough area – Rawdon, Yeadon, Guiseley, Hawksworth and High Royds.  However, we will be drawing up two plans,  one for Aireborough (Guiseley, Yeadon, Hawksworth, High Royds) and one for Rawdon: this is necessitated by the legislation in the Localism Act and the NPPF.