Update – Consultation on Housing Development, Green Lane Mills (ex Naylor Jennings), 27th April 2013

Ariel view of site

Ariel view of site

We understand that the Green Lane consultation finished at 1pm today not at 3pm which was what we had been officially told by Leeds Council officials.   So apologies to anyone who went after 1pm.

You will find a copy of the consultation comment sheet here, which is to be returned by the 10th May 2013 to Dacres Commercial (Regent House, Queen Street, Leeds, email lkn@dacres.co.uk),  and a photograph of the site is above.  You can find the plans by architects John R Paley Associates on their website – website here.   The plans are also available to view in Rawdon library.


This Saturday, 27th April, David Wilson Homes will be doing a pre-planning application consultation on proposals to build 125 houses on the old Naylor Jenning factory site on Green Lane. If you would like to go along and comment on the proposals, it will be at Greenacre Hall, Rawdon between 10am and 3pm.

Negotiations have been going on between Leeds Council and David Wilson for about

Naylor Jennings Site, Green Lane

Naylor Jennings Site, Green Lane

two years and there are undertakings to retain the main factory frontage, the three cottages and the two management houses. They will

certainly keep the smaller chimney and hopefully the bigger one as well. I do not know what the plans are for the mill ponds, or even if they are still there,  there is a facebook page for a group who was wanting to save the ponds.

The road proposal is for a roundabout on Green Lane where the entrance would be. Green Lane being a main through route from the Airport to Greengates.

We will be going along to the consultation to input the evidence the Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum has been gathering from local people over issues and needs.  We will also input the place making and design recommendations we have had from Design Council CABE.   If other Forum members and followers could also add their views to the consultation this would be greatly appreciated.

One response to “Update – Consultation on Housing Development, Green Lane Mills (ex Naylor Jennings), 27th April 2013

  1. Jennifer

    I said we wanted a roundabout not that there was a “road proposal”.


    Cllr Graham Latty Conservative Chief Whip


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