Aireborough Could Become A Thriving Local Economy Again

CityAM (564x317)One of the emerging themes from the initial work of the Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum, is that a number of growing companies are looking to find new premises in the area – and are finding it difficult.   The reason they want to come here?  Aireborough is a more pleasant place to work,  there is no longer a need for the daily nightmare of getting to work on crowded trains and roads,  and the skills growing companies are looking for are in the area.   If people really are a company’s greatest asset,  then looking after the wellbeing of yours staff is a key concern – and living and working in the same area can be far more conducive to health and a happy family life.

The 2011 census shows that the skills of people in Aireborough are different to Leeds as a whole.   Aireborough has many more  professional, technical and self-employed people.  Leeds, in contrast,  has people with more service, social service, retail, and elementary occupations.    Interestingly Aireborough still has a higher proportion of people in manufacturing than in Leeds.    Men in Aireborough particular are high in the skilled trades, manufacturing and mechanics categories.

With an airport on our doorsteps,  a high level of skills in growing industries, and people actually looking for premesis in the area for their businesses,  Aireborough has a lot of potential for being a distinctive, export rich, economy.    The need for such potential to pull the country out of stagflation, is highlighted this week by City AM Editor Allister Heath  in Entrepreneurs To The Rescue.

The Government’s strategy for growth seems to be a one trick pony, with its dogged emphasis on construction (which has fallen again in the latest set of economic figures 25 April 2013) .   There does seem to be better ways  both to improve Aireborough as a sustainable place,  and to help the country as a whole.

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