Learning from Living in Aireborough Pop-Up

DSCN3563Children features strongly in our first trial pop-up exhibition and vintage tea room.    From their colourful posters in the display,  to many of the suggestions,  the voice of young people is starting to be heard: which should please the many people who have told us they want to improve things for young people in Aireborough.

The Tranmere Park School Parent Action Group came and told us about the strain on the facilities due to the large numbers now entering the school: Aireborough Historical Society said that many children loved learning about local history, as they could then go out and touch it – a good reason to keep and enhance what is around us: and an angry land owner told us his land had been put on the SHLAA (strategic housing land availability assessment) by Leeds without his knowledge – and local families were very concerned.

We also gathered a number of new ideas,  from ways to do the habit survey that Leeds have not completed on someof our green belt,  to suggestions for the Airport to make the old wartime and cold war aircraft ‘factories’ a tourist feature.

Stands at the exhibition,  included:DSCN3565

  • How the Neighbourhood Plan was being create- and we got a number of new volunteers
  • Showcasing local successful companies, and the issue that there is a lack of land for them to develop and grow
  • Unearthing more opinion on local ‘treasures’ people want to keep
  • Some research on the facilities people would like to see – such as making the Steep area of Yeadon into a little Haworth
  • A green space stand,  manned by Friends of Parkinson’s Park,  and Friends of Engine Fields.

Becky and Lynn, from the Travelling Pop-Up Tea Room,  had made some beautiful cakes,  and many people stayed a good while chatting about what could be done in Airebrough, over a good cup of tea and some moist rhubarb cake.

Overall,  a good trial; and we will now be rolling the idea out over the Aireborough Area in the coming months.

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