Headline Themes Emerging For the Neighbourhood Plan


On analysing all the research,  place awareness examinations, workshop output,  and general comments from residents and businesses,  the Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum and CABE have put together a report on neighbourhood plan headlines.   Over the coming months, these will be examined, and evolved in the evidence gathering, and thus will provide a base for the neighbourhood plan.

Overall,  we see the aim of the Aireborough plan as :-

“Stimulating and sustaining vitality in this ‘family of sibling’ settlements, so that they can live, work and grow into a new future together, as a unique component of Leeds City’s diverse international economy, and of the proposed South Pennines National Park.”

The Headlines are:

  • Mutual Identity
  • Places to Experience, Thrive and Grow
  • A Human Lifelong Place
  • Connective (Not Congested) Transport
  • Beautiful and Distinctive Places with Integrity
  • Human Powered Accessibility
  • Civic Community
  • Sporting and Creative Heritage

Click for report on Aireborough Neighbourhood Plan: Headlines

If you would like to add your voice and ideas to the evolving Neighbourhood Plan, then please contact us to find out more about joining the volunteers of the Aireborough Neighbourhood Forum.

2 responses to “Headline Themes Emerging For the Neighbourhood Plan

  1. Hi Jennifer

    Well done for collating all that information we spewed out at Cooper’s!

    May I comment on the Aim of the Plan mentioned below – two things –

    – Leeds is usually referred to as the City of Leeds, not ‘Leeds City’ and

    – what’s this about the ‘South Pennine National Park’? The webpage gives the proposed area as being bordered by xy&z including Leeds, as a border not including it and certainly not Aireborough. It sounds as though this is someone else’s agenda. I’d like to see reference to that deleted, so the sentence finishes with ‘economy’.

    I plan to be at the Town Hall on Saturday – can’t resist a tea party! At least it shows I’m reading your emails.

    Best wishes


    • Hi Lynda
      Thanks for comment, good to get the discussion going. At the current time we are in a ‘brainstorming’ season. We need to get all ideas and ‘agenda’s out on the table for examination. A key part of the Forum is to ensure that everyone has had a say and a chance to put forward their ideas.

      If you look on the map of the proposed South Pennines National Park, it includes a large chunk of Aireborough – if this were to happen it would obviously be pretty strategic. There are also a number of people who would champion this idea because of the importance of the Chevin, Rawdon Billing and the Airedale Gap. .

      After the brainstorming, comes the detailed evidence gathering, and from then we get into discussion and debate mode, and from there solutions.

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