Tranmere Park Conservation Area – Consultation to 31st January 2013

Tranmere Park GuiseleyResidents of  Tranmere Park, Guiseley, are being asked by Leeds Council for their views on making the ‘garden village’ a conservation area.  As well as for their view on how the area can be improved.   If conservation status is granted then it would help protect Tranmere Park’s unique architecture and landscape from inappropriate demolition and development.

Tranmere Park is a 1930’s garden village inspired housing development dreamed up by Prior and Appleyard. It represents an early suburban speculative development of over 800 houses,  built between the 1930s and 1980s. The style of houses, details and layout respond to the Arts and Crafts style of architecture and contain references to the Garden Cities movement of Ebenezer Howard.

The new conservation area would take in the triangular area between Hawksworth Lane, Thorpe Lane and Bradford Road; the .  The conservation area would also contain the site of the medieval settlement of Thorpe.   There may even be an option to include the greenbelt around the area that is key to it’s ‘garden village’ concept, subject to responses.

The draft proposals for Tranmere Park’s conservation area are available online throughout the consultation at:  Copies will also be held at Guiseley Library for public viewing and they can also be requested from the Sustainable Development Unit, Leeds City Council, Leonardo Building, 2 Rossington Street, Leeds, LS2 8HD.

A public meeting and about the proposals was attended by over 40 residents on Wednesday 9 January;  responses can now be emailed to the conservation team at  The public consultation runs until 31 January 2013.


One response to “Tranmere Park Conservation Area – Consultation to 31st January 2013

  1. A positive meeting with the LCC representatives showing a genuine interest in preserving the unique features of the estate and it’s buildings. Residents should engage in any oppportunities for further input to the conservation area guidelines if this goes ahead.

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