Expansion of Guiseley Infants and Guiseley Junior Schools – Public Consultation, 3 June – 12 July 2013

Schools ConsultationAt its May meeting, Leeds City Council’s Executive Board approved public consultation on a number of proposals to meet a growing demand for primary school places in the city.  Leeds currently has a ‘severe’ shortfall of primary school places needed in 2014/2015 of greater than 5% – one of the worst areas in the country.

One of the proposals considered was to expand Guiseley Infant and Nursery School from a capacity of 270 pupils to 420 pupils and raise the age range from three  to seven years, to three to eleven years.  And a linked proposal to expand St Oswald’s Church of England Junior School from a capacity of 360 pupils to 420 pupils and lower the age range from seven  to eleven years,  to five  to eleven years,  both with effect from September 2015.

The Executive Report states,  “Previous reports have identified a shortage of places in the Guiseley area, where birth rates are rising year on year. House building in the area has also added to the underlying demographic pressure, which has resulted in the need for an additional form of entry. A report to the December 2012 Executive Board recommended that previous proposal to expand Tranmere Park Primary School from September 2014 was paused to allow further work to be carried out in the area. Whilst there was support from the school’s governing body and some of the local community,there were also a significant number of objections to the proposal, which led to the need to explore possible alternatives for Guiseley”. 

The objections to Tranmere Park raising numbers from 315 pupils to 420,  revolved around issues of parking, access, and the ability of the school to handle the pupils it already had.   There has also a suggestion that Green Meadows School could be consolidated onto one site, using the surplus site for a new primary school.

The consultation period on the two Guiseley schools runs from 3rd June 2013 to 12th July 2013, with dates on the attached poster.  A booklet containing more information on the proposals will soon be available online in the Schools and Learning section at www.leeds.gov.uk which includes information on public meetings and how to comment on the proposal.

4 responses to “Expansion of Guiseley Infants and Guiseley Junior Schools – Public Consultation, 3 June – 12 July 2013

  1. We are totally opposed to any expansion of places in any local schools. Why again should have to suffer from and then pay for the results of others procreation? We suffer from the additional traffic , the additional pollution both from the traffic and the existence of the additional places , heating ,lighting ,sewage, water use etc.. We will suffer from possibly additional traffic claming imposed , It must be made very clear to all developers that there will be NO additional school places in LS20. In addition any school developments must not be adjacent to significant highways , A65 or local routes Park Road/ The green Parkway etc. It must be a clear policy that yes housebuilders may get permission to so call develop but there will be no additional provision of school places at any level.

    Yours Sandra & Stuart Garforth 99 Park Road LS20 8EN

  2. Im a parent, responsible for procreating the children who need places, so I’m sorry about your comments on that! However I agree with much of what you say about the disruption that this development will cause. The traffic issues around the schools and nearby intersections on the A65 are already close to meltdown. The school has a unique and nurturing educational culture for 4-7 year olds. Increasing the age range to 4-11 puts that at risk unnecessarily. There’s a myriad of disadvantages to this proposal from an educational, logistical, and practical level. And I haven’t even mentioned value for money issues! I dont believe consideration has been given to provision for pre-4 year olds and post 11 year olds which this proposal inevitably throws up for Guiseley. However I have a different question, will the proposal for 30 extra places infact be enough given the housing proposals? Is this an example of yet more short termist planning? As much as we’d like to, we cant say no to extra school places around here but we definitely should get Leeds to take a more holistic approach, with all local schools taking their fair share, being creative about alternatives, such as a new school. The current consultation is too narrow, therefore it is flawed and should be rejected in favour of better proposals. I hope you and as many people as possible come to the consultation meetings as advertised.

  3. I agree with the writer above. Are 30 places enough to sustain quality school provision in the area given the proposed increase in housing stock both in Guiseley and Menston???? I think not. I think we need a forward thinking plan rather than firefighting year on year. I do not want any child to end up in a portacabin. I want the best for my child and every child in the area. Is Leeds talking to Bradford about the problem of provision of school places for primary school and for future secondary needs?

    I hope that they take a holistic approach too. I think the consultation is flawed too and has not listened to what local people throughout the whole of Guiseley ACTUALLY want and require. I for one would like every child to be able to go to THEIR local school, which may be Oxford Road, St Oswalds or Tranmere Park. All these schools in my opinion should be increased in size however the current plans seem rather radial and sledge hammer approach to the problem. That is just how I see it as a parent. Too much weight is often given to the opinion of those that shout the loudest in this consultation rather than seeking the general opinion of the population of Guiseley and Menston as a whole to whom these decisions affect.

  4. Everyone who feels strongly about the proposals to expand the infant and junior schools in Guiseley should go to the conultation meeting at St Oswalds school 6.30pm 25th June. This is the last public consultation meeting and so really important to tell Leeds City Council planners what we think about their proposal. There is one final afternoon drop in on 27th at the infant school 2.45pm. Please spread the word to as many local residents as possible and attend!

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